jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011


When i was go to the high school, my notes are very good, i usually go out with my friends all the weekends some times
My friends are all crazy but i love them. They help me a lot, they are very funny  and special
I usually spent time with all my classmates and we did different activities .some times my friends and i we scape from the high school for somebody house and expend all the day and dancing
The best and the sad day in my school was the day of my graduation, I had a lot of feelings in that moment first it was the end of a wonderful time, everybody will find new life.

Life is beautiful

It sounds like breeze
It tastes like chocolate milk 
It smells like life 
It feels like love song

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010


is a vice, suffering from respiratory problems a while you may be suffering from cancer.

attend a Rehabilitative Center, alk to your family to feel your support.

Some of your my childhood memories

I Have bad memory. I study in the santa ana, my favorite tv program was kenal y kell, mi friends are mily, in my old house did many fun things, ate at McDonalds every days, on vacation we traveled to Bogota with all my uncles, my grandparents died. it was really sad, my parents and i went to a lot of circus and fairs, my sister and i used to played with our barbie house. it was our favorite game.